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The increasing demand for a safe, efficient, and convenient driving experience as well as the rising demand for luxury vehicles across the globe are the key factors driving the growth of the global ADAS market. Furthermore, government regulations that aim to minimize road accidents and loss of passenger lives, is favoring the market’s growth.

The global air purifier market is gaining significant traction because of the degrading air quality levels which are leading to severe breathing problems for people along with rapid industrialization and urbanization along with the increasing prevalence of airborne diseases.

US organic food market is growing at a high rate because of the growing consumer awareness for health and well-being, coupled with stringent government regulation to maintain safety and quality standards in food.

Vietnam's online food delivery market is driven by a changing food consumption pattern, smartphone penetration, the expanding service sector, and rapid economic growth. Moreover, the myriad advantages offered by online food delivery apps is also favoring the market’s growth.

UAE tire market has been delivering an outstanding performance. The market’s growth is driven by the increasing demand for automobiles due to the high disposable income and living standards of the people. Additionally, favorable government initiatives and strict tire safety regulations favors the market’s growth.

Global third party logistics market is set to witness a healthy growth. E-commerce has led to an increase in freight transportation, thus creating a number of opportunities for third party logistics companies worldwide

Japan tire market is driven by the flourishing automobile production in the country. Additionally, the presence of leading OEMs in the country, along with the expanding production capacities of tire manufacturers, is driving the growth of Japan’s tire market.

Iran tire market is being driven primarily by efforts to achieve self-sufficiency and increased automobiles sales. Additionally, the growing demand for passenger cars and infrastructure projects in Iran are driving the growth of the Iranian tire market along with a growing fleet of commercial vehicles as a result of these projects.

Global fuel cells market is growing at a high CAGR because of the increasing demand for portable devices and expanding production capacities of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in developing countries.

The pollution level in seven Beijing districts reached the severe level in November 2021, negatively impacting normal life. Thus, the deteriorating air quality and increasing prevalence of airborne diseases are driving the China air purifier market.