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The growth of the global bottled water market can be attributed to the declining quality of tap water and increasing health consciousness among consumers. Moreover, changing consumption patterns and increasing demand for bottled water in the hospitality and tourism sector are also favoring the growth of the market.

The global market for surgical retractor devices is driven by the growing number of surgical procedures across the world. Furthermore, other factors that are driving the surgical retractors market include the increasing prevalence of lifestyle disorders, including diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, etc., which lead patients to undergo a variety of surgeries.

Malaysia's tire market is driven by its expanding automobile production and increasing investment in public transportation. Additionally, the nation's tire market is driven by the increased purchasing power of people and the resulting growth in private vehicle ownership.

Vietnam fintech market is driven by sudden boom in digital payment applications and startups providing technologies such as digital banking, blockchain, cryptography, etc., and avorable government policies along with a tech-savvy population and increasing middle-class income.

China bottled water market is driven by the increasing health consciousness among consumers and growing disposable income of the middle-class group. Additionally, the severe shortage of fresh water supply, increasing water contamination, and prevalence of water borne diseases are also driving the market forward.

The growth of the India spices market is attributed to the multidimensional cuisine of India and flourishing local production and availability of spices in domestic markets at competitive prices. Additionally, Indian spices are gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, further boosting the market.

India fintech market is driven by the increasing penetration of smartphones, growing internet access, and high-speed connectivity. Additionally, India is an ideal location for financial technology development as it has an enormous skilled labor force and a wealth of technology.

Mexico tire market is driven by the high concentration of international tire manufacturers. Also contributing to the market growth is the increasing investments in expanding tire production capacity, along with the growth in vehicle ownership and automobile manufacturing.

South Africa Tire market is gaining significant traction because of the dominant automobile manufacturing industry. Also, the growth of foreign investment in automobile and tire production facilities favors the market's growth.

UAE bottled water market is gaining significant traction because of the increasing urbanization and changing consumption patterns. Additionally, the growing demand for bottled water in on-trade spaces, such as offices, hotels, and restaurants, etc. also favors the market’s growth.