Viable agricultural inputs which proves to be the key to agricultural revolution towards significant growth.

Agri-products include crops and livestock that are produced and harvested for use as food and fuel. Higher disposable incomes, changing tastes among consumers, and the adoption of modern technologies are some of the factors driving the growth of the global agricultural commodities market.

Precision farming is growing in Israel due to the growing demand for efficient agricultural technologies, tools, and techniques, the rapid switch from labor-intensive to technology driven farming, and the numerous initiatives by companies to promote precision farming.

The global agricultural equipment market is growing because of the positive consequences of the green revolution and the use of modern machinery in the farming activities to expand the agricultural yield along with the increasing population and their soaring demand for food.

Global organic farming market is growing due to the increased organic food demand, growing emphasis on sustainable farming, and rising adulteration rates across developing countries, as well as growing concerns about climate change & global warming


India's neem extract market will perceive a continuous development in the coming years, due to large neem production and increasing attraction to better and herbal goods in the country.