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The India smartphone market is garnering a high CAGR due to the launch of trendy and low-cost smartphones. With India's expanding 5G infrastructure, the demand for 5G-enabled smartphones is also on the rise, driving the India smartphone market.

Saudi Arabia facility management market is growing rapidly with an impressive CAGR. Different projects regarding infrastructural development, the surge in construction activities, and the growing tourism sector are anticipated to accelerate the demand for facility management in the country during the forecast period.

UAE facility management market is gaining significant traction because of the flourishing tourism sector in the country, along with the increasing construction activities because of the increasing number of infrastructure development projects.

Japan’s LED packaging market is mainly driven by increased demand for LED packages for display panels. A favorable government policy and regulation, promoting LEDs as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products, is also favorable to the market’s growth.

Japan cybersecurity market is driven by advances in artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, etc. Additionally, the growing need for cloud-based cybersecurity systems to prevent data loss fuels the market's growth.

The surge in need for smart-lighting solutions in end-use industries and increasing demand for LEDs in display panels in televisions, mobiles, and others are some of the major factors driving the growth of the India LED Packaging market during the forecast period.

In India, cyber-attacks and data breaches have risen, leading to a growing cyber security market. As the use of the internet increases in the country, cybersecurity solutions are expected to become more prevalent.

Growth in the global walkie talkie market is driven by the increasing spending of governments and public safety agencies, as well as the rise in acceptance of digital radios and the diverse use of Walkie-talkies.