East and West to form a pact for Covid vaccine catering to the US market

  • Published | 05 February 2021

In the series of recent Covid related events, two bigshot Biotech firms from the east(India) and west (US) have decided to co-create the vaccines for corona.


COVAXIN- This is an inactivated vaccine that was developed indigenously in India by Bharat Biotech with an association of the ICMR-NIR Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Virology; a Whole-Virion Inactivated Vero Cell-derived platform technology is been used for its development. As inactivated vaccines do not self-replicate and are therefore unlikely to revert and cause any pathological effects like uneasiness or symptoms of a viral(i.e., Flu-like symptoms) they are considered extremely safe for the application. Consisting of dead inert viruses, which are incapable of infecting people but still able to induce a defensive reaction by the immune system to mount against an infection.


03 Feb’21- Pennsylvania-based, clinical staged bio-pharmaceutical firm Ocugen signed a pact with Bharat Biotech under which both bio-tech giants would co-develop, supply, and commercialize the newly developed COVAXIN throughout the US. As per the terms of this agreement, Ocugen will have complete rights to the vaccine candidature in the US and will be responsible for clinical development, regulatory approval (including Emergency Use Authorisation ), and commercialization for the same in the market overseas. Bharat Biotech would introduce the first few doses to be used in the US on Ocugen's receipt of Emergency Use Authorisation. Moreover, it will also support the technology transfer for the manufacturing of COVAXIN in the US. Ocwen would be sharing its sales profits with Bharat Biotech and itself would retain a share of 45% 


The COVAXIN’s standard storage temperature is 2-8 degrees Celcius and has the potential to treat all age groups, racial, ethnic groups, and genders. It is said to possess a distinctive product characteristic having long-term persistence of immune responses to multiple viral proteins, opposing to only the spiked protein; also has demonstrated a broad-spectrum neutralizing capability with heterologous SARS-CoV-2 strains.


This association has emerged numerous future opportunities, benefiting the world public health along with better business and market opportunities at a greater level.